Deco Experts Consulting & Website Design Packages

Deco Experts consulting & website design packages are broken into 4 levels, ranging from $1,500 to $4,500, depending on what you want done and your budget. We like to think our packages are a vehicle to get you from point "A" (Just Getting Started) to point "B" (Maximizing DecoNetwork’s Software Around Your Company's Business Model) way faster than if you were to do it without help.


With each package (vehicle to success) we offer a great amount of value and promise your ROI will far outweigh the costs. What sets us apart from other consulting & website design businesses is our knowledge of the decoration industry and ability to give insight and ideas far beyond using DecoNetwork. Since we view each package as a vehicle we like to associate each one with a type of engine to give our clients an idea of what to expect.


Each package can be viewed as a vehicle/engine that offers a lot of value and will get you from point A to point B. However, the more expensive an engine/package is, the better the vehicle(software) performs. A vehicle with a V-12 engine might cost almost 10 times what a car with a V-6 engine, but when you look and drive each car you know where your money went.

Affordable V4


3 hours of Screen Sharing Sessions

- Work on anything within DecoNetwork

Reliable V6


7 hours of Screen Share Coaching 

- Work on anything within DecoNetwork

Performance V8


17 hours of Screen Share Coaching 

- Work on anything within DecoNetwork

Customizable Product Configuration

Supplier Catalog Apparel

Wide Format Products

Sublimation Products


Up to 50

Up to 50




 Process / Product Configuration

Wide Format Products

Photo Gifts & Trophies

Promotional Products

Cut & Sew

Offset Paper Printing


Our Package Policies:

Packages & Pricing are Negotiable

Unique Sites / Tools Can Be Built

We Push DecoNetwork to its Limits


Expert help building a modern, beautiful website customized to the branding and needs of your business. Custom CSS, HTML, graphics, layouts, and design services are available.


Whether you specialize or you’re a multi-decorator, a DecoPro can ensure your price tables, color palettes, production files and artwork fees are configured for continuity between customers, sales and production.


Need help with supplier catalogs, decoration areas, production specialization, or setting up custom products? A DecoPro can help, backed by an understanding of your processes and the custom apparel industry.


For decorators who seek smart rules, categorization and sub-categorization, purchase ordering setup, shipping configurations, or assistance with decoration image libraries and pre-decorated products for e-commerce.


We will work with you in finding the best fit pricing model solution for your products and services. This will ensure you can maximize profitability and make the most of the pricing tools available in DecoNetwork.


For the custom apparel shop that requires custom email and order templates that can be personalized in DecoNetwork. Your DecoPro can customize the branding, wording, HTML and CSS for you.


If you or your team require in-depth training or a tailored training program to suit your needs, a DecoPro can help. In addition, they can provide you with an analysis of your business and advise on matters such as hardware, software, recruiting, training, finance, operations, or transitioning to DecoNetwork.


For the decorator who needs complete end-to-end management, including site build, business analysis, setup, installation, full customization of products and pricing, deployment, with ongoing update, training and support.

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