Website Design & Consulting Testimonials

I have been using DecoNetwork for around 6 years. It has really helped my business grow. Over the years we dealt with issues and workarounds because we really didn't know any better. What I thought would work itself out became numerous band-aids to try to fix problems. Zach changed the way we view and use deco. I no longer feel like I am struggling every day to use the software, I feel like I really know how to use it. Zach helped me understand the many tools and listened when I had a problem or concern with the functionality. Overall I am SUPER happy and would highly recommend spending time to work with the DecoExperts. This small investment is sure to pay off in no time.


- Tim Pipp, Beeze Tees

If you are serious about your factory you will take the time to learn this system and ALL the functions. I can not even explain how much it has helped us bring in more revenue, become more organized, and grow. 

The customer service is one of the best I have ever worked with and if they do not have a answer for you they get one quickly.   We are extremely happy with our purchase of this software.

- Rich Mendoza, X Sports

I just wanted to reach and tell you how much I appreciate all that Zach and your team have done for us on this project. Over the last 25 years we have worked with many developers and frankly I am shocked by the service Deco expert has offered. I have never had this level of attention and expertise on any of our prior web based platforms. We recently cancelled our Inksoft account and were hesitant to go ahead with another try.  The only reason I moved forward with deco network is because of my comfort level with Zach. The deco network sales hour demo was overwhelming. I would never had signed up if your services were not available. Zach’s speed and understanding of the software is a value to anyone thinking about using this platform. I look forward to our partnership in the years to come as we grow our custom printing division.

- R.J. Williams, Mclanahan's Custom Printing

I am brand new to the custom decoration industry and Deco Experts to the frustration out of setting up our Deco network software. Zach and his team were awesome. They were patient with all of my questions and prompt in solving my problems.  By using Deco Experts to set up our Deco Network software I was able to stay focused on running the company instead of fighting with technology. 

- Robert Ewald, Fresh Horizons

Setting up with DecoNetwork could have been overwhelming but luckily we had Zach on board.  He was great for helping us to get our website up and running and made some great suggestions to help everything run smoothly.  Zach was great to work with and we still have the occasional session now, to keep things running smoothly.  100% recommend!!!

-Hannah Conway, I Dress Myself

DecoExperts was a true pleasure to work with.  They were able to understand our unique needs and put together a plan of attack.  They executed it and we are very happy with the results.  We look forward to requesting assistance with any updates or changes we may have in the future.

- Drew Dickison, Fulfill Direct

DecoNetwork is a powerful, complex, sometimes confusing system – there is no getting around that fact. That said, a partner like Deco Experts an invaluable resource to the industry. Zach and his team have the experience and expertise in DecoNetwork to harness the power of the software while also understanding how important it is to learn about your business and your goals in order to teach you how to use it in the most effective, efficient way possible. A rare and effective combination. I can’t recommend Deco Experts highly enough for anyone who is looking to get the most out of the software.

- Jim Feck, Drum

I can’t tell you how much working with Deco Experts has shortened our learning curve and development efforts.  He knows DecoNetwork inside and out, and teleconferencing  with Zack and watching the Deco Experts video tutorials was a turning point in helping us understand how to make Deco do what we wanted it to do.  When possible, we prefer to save as many questions as possible for them instead of calling Deco tech support.

- Keith McCall, American Wrestler

Zach helped me through the development of our Deco Network site and I am glad to have made the decision to go with him. Deco Network a very powerful solution that needs a very knowledgeable person to help you get through all the functionality fast. Zach understands the decorations business and he knows Deco Network well. His patience with non-technically savvy person is also a great plus in addition to being available to help when I want. Would not have survived without his help.

- Manu Bandara, Fully Promoted

A few months ago I decided to start an online presence for my screen-printing business. I was searching for a platform to base my business on and I ended up choosing DECONETWORK. Although, DECONETWORK offers tutorials to help in configuring its settings, my work schedule could not afford me the time. Nate and Zach with DECO-EXPERTS have worked with me one-on-one, online, to assist in designing and organizing the information. After only a few minutes, I realized they knew what they were doing. Both are very proficient operating DECONETWORK and are pleasant to work with. They answered every question I came up with and offered advice on how to save money with my business, as they are also in the industry. Furthermore, they are understanding when my schedule as a firefighter forces me to postpone meetings with them. I’m very happy with how my web page is turning out.

- Brian Gilmore, Silverback Press

I'm not sure how we could have managed without Zach and Deco Experts. I was so impressed with Zach's ability to listen, hear and understand our needs and then work tirelessly to come up with solutions. Every shop is different and needs to be set up in different ways. Deco Experts walks you through this process. Also, Zach has the ear of the developers, so tweaks here and there are possible. :-)


-Trina Banner, Creator Designs

Our time with Zach and Marie was an eye opener! We learned about DecoNetwork’s capabilities and new features.  Our online store is easier than ever to navigate and has a polished look for the online shopper.  It also lays out beautifully across the spectrum of user devices.  Working with Zach was advantageous and fully recommend Decoexperts Services.  The return on investment is on par and we can’t wait to book our next sessions to take our business to the next level!


- Ana Botello, Stitch-n-Print

The software and the training from Deco Experts has been invaluable and enabled us to go from strength to strength. Zach at Deco Experts have provided us with an invaluable amount of knowledge and continue to be there for every eventuality.  We have found Zach’s experience and expertise very professional with a hint of frivolity, making it easier for even the most challenged technical phob. We look forward to our ongoing relationship with them.

- Pauleen Soderqvist, Elite Clothing

We could not have done this without the help of Zach and the Deco Experts.  The money we spent to have him walk us through setup and training saved me the headache of trying to reinvent the wheel and doing it myself.  It let me bounce ideas off of someone that has navigated this process before and helped me to see a new way of doing business.


-Andy, Big Tyme Sportswear and Design 

Working with Zach and his team was such a relief for me. They understood exactly what I wanted and went above and beyond to fulfill my expectations. I made requests that seemed impossible and they somehow got it done for me. Communication is superb. Zach trained my staff the entire printing industry and made it seem so easy. Also, our website is wonderfully done and is functioning similarly or even better than most print on demand websites. Cannot recommend enough.


- Leo Darakchyan, Ink Zag

I am brand new to the custom decoration industry and Deco Experts to the frustration out of setting up our Deco network software. Zach and his team were awesome. They were patient with all of my questions and prompt in solving my problems. By using Deco Experts to set up our Deco Network software I was able to stay focused on running the company instead of fighting with technology. Seriously Zach, I truly appreciate all that you have done to help me, and just the ability to have a friend in this industry. 

- Brian Emmen, Print Genie

I hired Zack to help with our website, load new products,  as well as custom programming.    He is thorough and records all the sessions so you can go back and reference, but still willing to answer questions during and after hours.     I would highly recommend any new Deco User to let him set your site up in the beginning, and anyone who has been on Deco a while to hire him to update your site.

-Gail Szozda, Educator Concepts Inc.

If you are serious about your factory you will take the time to learn this system and ALL the functions. I can not even explain how much it has helped us bring in more revenue, become more organized, and grow. The customer service is one of the best I have ever worked with and if they do not have a answer for you they get one quickly.   We are extremely happy with our purchase of this software. 

-Joe Dagony

We have had a designer on our website off & on for the last 10 years or so.  Always struggled to find the right one where we were comfortable with the front & back end.  We feel we have finally found a long term solution with DecoNetwork.  Although we are not a custom apparel company, the back end was easily customizable to work with our product line.  We found pricing and support to be quite reasonable and  Zach to be very efficient.

- David Brimm, Starr Bottle Openers

Zach was excellent! He knows deco inside and out and really helped me get my site more in line with what I wanted to do with it. I'm a one-man show, using deco would help me significantly on the back end. It comes with a learning curve though, almost too much for one single person to build the website how you want it (its easy to get one up and going through, I'm just picky) and learn the software on the back end. It can be done but it would take time. Zach helped take a big weight off of me to get my website and understand the business hub. What would have taken me months was done in a matter of days. I feel like I understand it more than I would have on my own in the same amount of time. Definitely worth the money!


- Cohen DeYoung, Pulse Merch

I had a great experience with Zach at Deco Experts. Zach helped me set up the site and products, explained all my options with marketing Shipping and Dashboard and was there for anything I needed. I can do most of the tasks on Deco myself but I still let Zach take over so I will have time to do what I do best.

- Mike Ben Namer, Outline Custom Apparel

If you’re running not using DecoExperts, you’re missing out.  There are so many great features of the software that we would have missed out on if we tried it on our own.  From fine tuning the appearance of the site to having a knowledgeable, responsive expert who knows our site inside out and can help us get the most out of it and solve any problems that can crop up.  I just can’t say enough good things about DecoExperts.  Highly recommended!


- Tom Smith, Embroidery Authority

It was a privilege having DecoExperts setup my website. I can tell Zach is passionate about what he does, he's very detailed. He takes his time to explain everything he is doing, recorded the site building so i can refer back to it and always happy for you to answer any question i have. He practically held my hands (well virtually) to ensure i know my way around the new system and happy to assist if i get stuck with anything. I will highly recommend DecoExperts.

- Ola Santos, Colour Me Balloon

I have used Zach and Decoexperts ever since starting with Deconetwork. He has been instrumental in helping both myself and staff gain a better understanding of the system and because of this we are a much more efficient business. A really helpful teacher to our whole team, we have been able to use Deconetwork in nearly every part of our business. We are looking forward to working with Zach and Decoexperts in the future and there’s no one else we would go to for advice after working with them.

- Damian Doughty, Lytham Embroidery

Our website would be in shambles with the help of DecoExperts. The attention to detail and prompt service was a life saver and ultimately why we choose Deco over other providers in this space.

- Norman Rosson, Business T-Shirt Club

My company struggled getting on-board with Deco Network from the beginning.  Working in a fast paced environment we just didn’t have time to commit.  Early versions were not intuitive and now with all the incredible options and abilities within DN, there is no way we could employ the software in our shop without DecoExperts.  I am a 30 year industry professional with three advanced degrees and a growing business.  I don’t have patience for folks that know less than I do about what I’m learning - I am so immensely impressed with Zach’s applied experience with DN.  Walking through our site one-on-one, guiding each step; making himself readily available for questions; encouraging ways we can proceed on our own are just a few ways his assistance has been invaluable.  Zach is a natural leader with an intuitive sense for learning and teaching.  DecoExperts and my company are well worth this investment to streamline our internal operations.  In addition, Zach has a through knowledge of our industry and challenges.  There is no way we would utilize this software without his tutor.  

- Stephanie LaFleur, Oregon Serigraphics

When I first inquired about DecoNetwork, my initial tour of the software (with Tina Myers) was a very thorough introduction.  I was able to sign up and get started customizing my own webstore right away.  Once I got the ball rolling, the orientation call that I had (with Zach) was really educational and when I needed a little extra help beyond that, I was able to call on the DecoExpert team to really help take my site to the next level.  I definitely have learned a lot in a short period of time, but I know that I have the full support of the DecoExpert team as I move my business forward.

- Larissa Ovitt, Work Threads Uniforms

The team at Deco were fantastic to deal with from the very beginning.They took the time to understand our business objectives, target market and long term goals. The process in building our website with their experts was collaborative from start to finish. I would highly recommend this platform.


- Marcus Knight, MyMerchCave

Not only does Zach know his way around Deco at the speed of light, he also has good knowledge of the print and embroidery business which has proved helpful along the way. Zach will save you time and in turn money hands down and is now an important part of our play book as we embrace Deco.


- John Jolly, Magic Touch Promotions

We've been on DecoNetwork for about a year now, and without the help and guidance of DecoExperts we would not be realizing the full potential of the platform. Our questions are always quickly and efficiently answered, regardless of complexity.


- Dan Parenti, Imperial

If it wasn't for DecoExperts and working with Zach from the beginning I would have been so lost with never having experience in this side of the business.  It was the best investment I could have put my money into, and would do the same thing again.  Zach is easy to work with, he is a great teacher, and very patient.  To this day he continues to answer any questions that I have and look forward to continuing our business relationship


- Shawn Middleton, Absolute Logo Factory

Brilliant service from start to finish. Zach helped me to build a site that not only works well but also looks good and is perfectly suited to my business needs. Along the way he has also been able to teach me enough to give me the confidence to maintain and update the site myself which has helped me to make the necessary changes required as my business has grown. If, like me, you start with Deco and find it all a bit overwhelming, give Zach a call, I really can’t recommend him highly enough.

- Philip Giles, Workwear Central

If you are using the Deco Platform! You need to work alongside Zach! He has an incredible knowledge of the platform, its capabilities, and conversion tactics which will truly provide you with the best possible chance of success using Deco. Zach was knowledgeable, helpful, friendly, patient, and supportive in getting us integrated with the platform and developing our new online store! Thank you!


- Taylor Tassie, Totally Branded


Zach has been great. The support provided has allowed us to move our business forward. His knowledge of the platform is second to none and I would recommend Deco Experts to anyone looking to grow their business.


- Paul Cartwright, Premier Sports

Zach was to explain and expand all the possibilities Deco has to offer. We were able to take our website to the next level, and make ordering much easier for our customers.


- Taylor Mountjoy, DSPORT GRAPHICS

Deco Experts live up to their name. Their staff is well-versed in the software, knowledgeable, and helpful. The design work is amazing. A very friendly and easy team to work with.


- Marc Miller, Ashes Emb

I’ve been using the services of Zach Dewhurst and DecoExperts for a couple of years now. He was my first port of call once I signed up to DecoNetwork to ensure we had the best website and functionality from the on-set. As a graphic designer I found Zach’s knowledge,  professionalism and calm disposition the perfect fit for my requirements as we not only worked together to get the job done but he educated me along the way so I could in turn steer the ship and continue with confidence. I would without hesitation recommended Zach and I will continue to use his services as I see him as an important member of our team to help customise and tailor our online offer as we grow our business.


- Emery Greer, Thirsty Merchants

We started with DecoNetwork and were a little overwhelmed with all of the features as we previously did all orders via paper. We decided to set up some time with Zack at DecoExperts to help us get started. He was great with helping us understand how the program works, as well as understanding our company needs. There are a few features that don't work exactly how we need them to, and he was great with helping us find a workaround to suit our needs. We are now utilizing him to help us set up all of our affiliate stores. They are quick with responses and always there when we need help, we highly recommend!


- Malori Burdette, Double R Embroidery

The knowledge they bring to the table is unparallel, Zack's knowledge of Deconetwork is un matched and he continues to provide the ongoing training and always has solutions and answers to our questions.   His sharing of his knowledge, and industry trends has Helped Our organization tremendously, as we look forward to the future and all the challenges knowing that Decoexperts is just a call of away give us the peace of mind, knowing I have them in my corner. To say that I highly recommend working with this team is an understatement, Decoexpext is like having that extended family that actually wants to see you succeed.


- David Taylor, DNA Swag

Zach is truly an expert is when it comes to deconetwork. Me and my team wouldn't be where we are today without his help and expertise on creating our site. He has drops so many germs for us and has increased our knowledge with the deconetwork platform.We have really created a monster with creating ordering portals sites for our customers. I recommend 100% utilizing his services you will not regret it.


- Tee Williams, Inspired Trends Prints


Zach is amazing! I signed up for at least 6 hours and it was so worth it. Not only is Zach extremely fast but the practical advice about the apparel industry is priceless. Because he records the sessions and sends them to you, it makes learning the program that much easier. Deconetwork is a complicated program and that makis it extremely good however it is extremely hard to learn, without Zach’s help I was lost. My advice to you is figure out what products you want to carry, basically what you want your site to look like and then have Zach help you set it up. You can have a great site in no time, I think I saved thousands of dollars of my time and In a very short time. With Zach’s help you will understand the program and how to operate it. Definitely do it!


- Brad O’Connor, Signs for Today

I have been working with Zac now for over a year and to be honest I might have given up on Deco Networks without him. Its not that Deco is a bad programme it is fantastic, it is just the depth of knowledge that Zac has that makes everything so much easier. He has some great snippets of code which has saved so much time and also some small insights into the software that he knows that  work for other people.

I would highly recommend zac and happy to take a call from anyone who wants a more indepth chat.

- Bryan Johnson, Buccaneer Group Ltd.

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